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3/21   THREE BLIND MICE  (1938).  Director: William A. Seiter.  Cast:  Loretta Young, Joel McCrea, David Niven, Stuart Erwin, Marjorie Weaver, Pauline Moore, Binnie Barnes, Jane Darwell.   Three Kansas sisters travel to a California luxury resort in search of wealthy husbands in this fun comedy with an excellent cast.
PLUS!  Extra added comedy short:  The Three Stooges in IN THE SWEET PIE AND PIE (1941).  Three single sisters must quickly find husbands in order to collect a large inheritance….Enter Curly, Larry and Moe!  
CALLING DR. DEATH (1943). Director:  Reginald LeBorg.  Cast:  Lon Chaney, Jr., Patricia Morison, J. Carrol Naish, David Bruce.  The first of Universal’s popular “Inner Sanctum” mystery series.  Chaney plays a respected neurologist who realizes that he may have murdered his unfaithful wife….but he has no recollection of doing it!  
CHARLIE CHAN IN PANAMA (1940).  Director: Norman Foster.  Cast:  Sidney Toler, Jean Rogers, Kane Richmond, Lionel Atwill, Sen Yung, Jack LaRue.  Chan is on the trail of saboteurs who are planning to attack Navy ships in the Panama Canal.
4/4   THE JOLSON STORY (1946).  In TECHNICOLOR.  Director: Alfred E. Green.  Cast: Larry Parks, Evelyn Keyes, William Demarest, Bill Goodwin, Ludwig Donath, Tamara Shayne.  Columbia’s hit musical biography of Al Jolson, with Larry Parks playing the great entertainer and Jolson providing the dubbed-in singing.  It’s a feast of classic Jolson numbers (“April Showers”, “California, Here I Come”, “Rock-a-Bye Your Baby” and many others).
4/11  THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP  (1932).  Director: Marion Gering.  Cast:  Tallulah Bankhead, Charles Laughton, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant.  Rare Pre-Code drama, with Bankhead married to an insanely jealous submarine commander (Laughton in his American film debut)…..and Cooper and Grant are two reasons for Laughton’s jealousy.  Fascinating film with powerful performances.       
4/18   DODGE CITY  (1939).  In TECHNICOLOR.  Director: Michael Curtiz.  .  Cast:  Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Alan Hale, Ann Sheridan, Bruce Cabot, Victor Jory, Frank McHugh.  Warner Bros.’ classic Western tale of a newly-appointed sheriff (Flynn) who vows to clean up a wild, lawless town.  A colorful and action-packed blockbuster!  
4/25   GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933  (1933).  Director: Mervyn LeRoy.  Cast:  Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler, Joan Blondell, Warren William, Aline MacMahon, Ginger Rogers, Guy Kibbee, Ned Sparks, Sterling Holloway.  Snappy Pre-Code musical-comedy about a financially struggling Broadway show, featuring those spectacular musical numbers directed by Busby Berkeley.  Songs include “We’re In the Money”, “Shadow Waltz”, “Pettin’ In the Park” and others.  
5/2   FALLEN ANGEL  (1945).  Director: Otto Preminger.  Cast:  Dana Andrews, Alice Faye (in a dramatic role), Linda Darnell, Charles Bickford, Bruce Cabot, John Carradine, Percy Kilbride, Anne Revere.  Excellent Film Noir drama of a drifter (Andrews) who plans on fleecing a woman (Faye) out of money so he can marry a sexy waitress (Darnell).  Intriguing story with a top-notch cast.
HOLD ‘EM JAIL  (1932).  Director: Norman Taurog.  Cast:  Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Edgar Kennedy, Edna May Oliver, Betty Grable, Warren Hymer, Robert Armstrong, Paul Hurst.  Wheeler and Woolsey are framed and sent to prison, where they meet the sports-obsessed warden (Kennedy) who puts them on the prison’s football team.  Lively comedy was the forerunner of Burt Reynolds’ 1974 film “The Longest Yard”.
YOU’RE TELLING ME!  (1934). Director: Erle C. Kenton.  Cast:  W.C. Fields, Joan Marsh, Larry “Buster” Crabbe, Kathleen Howard, Louise Carter, Adrienne Ames.  Inventor Fields is disrespected by his family and home town until he’s befriended by a wealthy foreign princess.  One of Fields’ finest films, containing some of his best routines.  
5/16   THE MIRACLE WOMAN  (1931).  Director: Frank Capra.  Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, David Manners, Sam Hardy, Beryl Mercer.  Powerful drama with Stanwyck in top form as an evangelist who brings in big money with her splashy sermons and bogus exhibitions of healing.  Things get complicated when she becomes involved with a young man (Manners) who believes her claims.  Excellent  early Capra.
5/23  DANGEROUS WHEN WET  (1953).  In TECHNICOLOR.  Director: Charles Walters.  Cast:  Esther Williams, Fernando Lamas, Jack Carson, Charlotte Greenwood, William Demarest, Denise Darcel, Barbara Whiting.   A health-conscious family travels to England as their eldest daughter (Williams) prepares to swim the English Channel.  One of Esther’s most popular musicals, featuring a famous sequence where she swims with MGM’s animated Tom and Jerry.  Great fun!
5/30   NO SHOW (Memorial Day).
6/6   DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (1932).  Director: Rouben Mamoulian.       Cast: Fredric March, Miriam Hopkins, Rose Hobart, Holmes Herbert.  Superb adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic horror novel.  While most existing prints/versions are of the edited 81 minute reissue version (re-released after the Production Code was put into full effect), we’ll be presenting the COMPLETE 98 minute version, fully restored, just as it was seen in theaters back in 1932.
6/13   LOOK WHO’S LAUGHING  (1941).  Director: Allan Dwan.  Cast:  Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Jim & Marion Jordan (as Fibber McGee & Molly), Lucille Ball, Harold Peary (as The Great Gildersleeve), Neil Hamilton.  We end our season with RKO’s fun gathering of radio favorites of the day.  Vacationing Bergen & McCarthy land their private plane in Wistful Vista and meet Fibber, Molly and Gildersleeve, as well as discover a shady scheme by dishonest real estate speculators.  This is a great opportunity to see as well as hear some of NBC radio’s finest comedy performers and enjoy Lucy early in her career.
PLUS!  Extra added comedy short:  Buster Keaton in NOTHING BUT PLEASURE (1940).  Buster and his wife travel to Detroit to pick up their new car and run into trouble every step of the way.
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