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9/21  THE EGG AND I  (1947)  Director: Chester Erskine.  Cast: Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray, Marjorie Main, Percy Kilbride, Louise Allbritton, Richard Long.  A city couple (Colbert and MacMurray) make a big move when the husband buys a rundown farm.  This is the hit comedy that introduced Ma & Pa Kettle (Main and Kilbride) to moviegoers.

9/28  NOTORIOUS (1946)  Director: Alfred Hitchcock.  Cast: Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Louis Calhern.  Edge-of-your-seat suspense classic set in Post-WWII South America, with U.S. agents working to break up a Nazi spy ring.  One of Hitchcock’s best!   

10/5  MOTHER WORE TIGHTS  (1947).  IN COLOR!  Director: Walter Lang.  Cast:  Betty Grable, Dan Dailey, Mona Freeman, Connie Marshall, Senor Wences, William Frawley.  Nostalgic, tuneful musical about a vaudeville couple (Grable and Dailey) and their two daughters.  One of Grable’s most popular films, and her first teaming with Dailey.  A real treat!
PLUS Special Short:  LAMBCHOPS (1929) with George Burns and Gracie Allen, performing the famous vaudeville routine that they introduced on the stage of Syracuse’s RKO Keith’s Theatre in 1926!

10/12   PICTURE SNATCHER  (1933).  Director: Lloyd Bacon.  Cast: James Cagney, Ralph Bellamy, Alice White, Patricia Ellis.  Lively Pre-Code story of an ex-con (Cagney) who turns his life around by becoming a newspaper photographer….and gets many of his photos by unorthodox methods!  A terrific early Cagney film that skillfully combines thrills and laughs.   

10/19   ROAD TO SINGAPORE  (1940).  Director: Victor Schertzinger.  Cast:  Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Charles Coburn, Judith Barrett, Anthony Quinn, Jerry Colonna.  The very first “Road” comedy, with Hope & Crosby escaping trouble by heading to Singapore, where they meet an exotic beauty (Lamour) and the rivalry begins.  A fun film that began one of Paramount’s most successful series.   

  1. THE MUMMY’S HAND  (1940).  Director: Christy Cabanne.  Cast:  Dick Foran, Wallace Ford, Tom Tyler, Peggy Moran, Cecil Kellaway, George Zucco, Eduardo Ciannelli.  The first in Universal’s “Kharis” series of “Mummy” films is an entertaining story of archeologists seeking a lost tomb and finding a deadly mummy that comes to life!
  2. THE BLACK CAT  (1934).  Director: Edgar G. Ulmer.  Cast: Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, David Manners, Jacqueline Wells, Henry Armetta.  This first teaming of Karloff and Lugosi is a stylish, eerie and bizarre tale, with the two masters of horror at their best.   

11/2   MANNEQUIN (1937).  Director: Frank Borzage.  Cast:  Joan Crawford, Spencer Tracy, Alan Curtis, Ralph Morgan, Leo Gorcey, Elisabeth Risdon.  A strong yet sensitive drama of a poor working girl (Crawford) who marries a shady good-for-nothing (Curtis) and then meets a powerful but lonely tycoon (Tracy).  Fine performances by the entire cast in this excellent MGM production.

11/9  THIS IS THE ARMY  (1943).  IN COLOR!  Director: Michael Curtiz.  Cast:  George Murphy, Lt. Ronald Reagan, Joan Leslie, Alan Hale, Irving Berlin, Kate Smith, Frances Langford, Sgt. Joe Louis, Rosemary DeCamp, Charles Butterworth and a talented company of performing soldiers.  In observance of Veterans Day, we are proud to present this beautifully restored version of Warner Brothers’ hit WWII-era musical.  You will be seeing the complete and uncut roadshow production of this entertaining and morale-boosting film….now with excellent color and in pristine condition!  

  1. HOPPY SERVES A WRIT (1943).  Director: George Archainbaud.  Cast:  William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jay Kirby, Victor Jory, George Reeves, Jan Christy and in his screen debut, Robert Mitchum.  Sheriff Hopalong Cassidy (Boyd) must lure a gang of outlaws across the Oklahoma border so he can serve them with arrest warrants.  An action-packed entry in the Cassidy series, with a great cast of familiar faces.
  2. SANTA FE STAMPEDE  (1938).  Director: George Sherman.  Cast: John Wayne, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune, June Martel, William Farnum.  This excellent entry in Republic’s “Three Mesquiteers” series finds the cowboy trio (Wayne, Corrigan and Terhune) helping their prospector friend who finds gold and is quickly targeted by crooks.  Plenty of action that still packs a punch today!

11/23   HIT THE ICE  (1943).  Director: Charles Lamont.  Cast:  Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Ginny Simms, Sheldon Leonard, Patrick Knowles, Elyse Knox, Marc Lawrence, Joe Sawyer, Johnny Long and his Orchestra.  Photographers Abbott & Costello are wrongly accused of bank robbery, so they escape to a ski resort where they find even MORE trouble.  Great comedy from the team, including several of their classic routines, plus fine music by Ginny Simms and Johnny Long’s band.      
PLUS Special Short:  Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in BELOW ZERO (1930).  Laurel & Hardy are street musicians in a tough neighborhood in the middle of winter.

11/30   DETECTIVE STORY  (1951).  Director: William Wyler.  Cast: Kirk Douglas, Eleanor Parker, William Bendix, Horace McMahon, Lee Grant, Frank Faylen.  A powerful drama set in a NYC police precinct from the same team that brought us “Dead End” (director William Wyler and playwright Sidney Kingsley).  Many familiar character actors enter and exit the squad room in this groundbreaking film (from Kingsley’s stage play) that set the scene for future police TV dramas like “Hill Street Blues”, “NYPD Blue” and “Law and Order”.

12/7  ON MOONLIGHT BAY  (1951).  IN COLOR!  Director: Roy Del Ruth.  Cast:  Doris Day, Gordon MacRae, Billy Gray, Leon Ames, Rosemary DeCamp, Mary Wickes, Ellen Corby.  Our season finale (which is also our holiday show) presents this entertaining musical set at the turn of the century.  The humorous family story, tuneful score (including a wonderful Christmas song) and nostalgic “Christmas Card” feel make this a perfect film for the holidays.


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